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    Bobbi wrote:
    I stick around here on this bulletin board, not because I still consider myself sick, but to give those of you who are in the throes of battle with this nasty disease a bit of hope. No, to give you LOTS of hope. I know how ill you feel, or how downright scared you are with the eye disease. I’ve been there. I was dreadfully ill. But, I am the norm. I am like thousands of other people who, through one treatment or another, got well again. Our treatments work to give us back our health. Please keep that thought firmly in your minds while you are casting about for what treatment option to choose. They are ALL better than remaining hyperthyroid.

    Thank you. It does give us LOTS of hope. I know it did me when I was super sick a month ago. And it still does now when I’m starting to feel better. Please continue sharing your experience Bobbi.

    On a positive note, even though I’m afraid of RAI and lean right now towards surgery as a second option if the medication does not work for me, one thing that does attract me about RAI is that I’ve read that there has been a small % of people who have become euthyroid after it without having to take pills. It is a small % but I like that about it. One never knows if one would be in that small %, right?

    Caro :)