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    I agree with:
    go with your gut.
    Shoulds and oughts are hard to live with. Pleasing other people who decide your health care for you based on anecdotal is not a good choice.
    YOu have choices, so given all the options, opportunities, pros and cons,
    I think you will feel so very good once you have MADE your decision!

    REad the posts Alexis wrote while she was struggling with this. Plus all the rest of us. Limbo is very difficult.

    I have a bias about saying “TED and RAI” in the same sentence. I have had a terrible time with TED. I am sure that if I had any changes in my eyes, I would want to stay away from RAI, prednisone (which I hate) or not prednisone. I wouldn’t want to take that very small chance. There are not years of research about this, but there is some evidence that says RAI can exacerbate TED.

    I had surgery! Many decades ago. More than four.
    Happy that I had surgery.