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    Hi, Darcy: I’m sorry you are finding yourself in this quandary.

    A bit of — hopefully — perspective. It sounds like you are boxing yourself into a corner, both emotionally and medically. You don’t want RAI, and the reasons sound more emotional than rational to me. And, I’m not arguing that you should do RAI. I’m just pointing out that basing your reasons on fear makes little sense when you are coping with a serious illness that can cause life-long repercussions unless it is treated promptly and effectively. FEAR BEING HYPER. It is currently the devil you know, but it is a devil nonetheless. The example of your friend, notwithstanding, RAI has made millions of us healthy again. Surgery to remove the thyroid may be a more common occurrance now than it used to be, but it is not considered “as safe” as RAI. And your doctor may be splitting hairs on that, I don’t know. Surgeons nowadays seem to have a better handle on thyroid surgery than they did in the past. Regardless, please try to be objective.

    And, furthermore, if you don’t think your doctor is giving you good advice, consult another endocrinologist with good credentials and see what that doctor has to say. Don’t “shop around” for a doctor who will tell you what you want to hear. That doesn’t serve your long-term health either. But getting input from another equally well-qualified source can sometimes help clarify our choices.