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    I second the request for liver enzymes being checked. Yes, it is a very small chance, but it can happen. I was on 5 mg. daily and in 7 weeks (when I got my 1st labs done) my enzymes were 8 times the normal range. I had a baseline before starting methimazole, and they were normal at that time. I’m sensitive to medicine in general, so I asked my endo. to check my liver just bc I wanted to be sure- glad I did! I didn’t have any symptoms like fever, jaundice, dark urine, sore throat. Also, as soon as I stopped methimazole, my liver enzymes returned to normal- no problem at all. My GP even ordered an abdominal ultrasound to be sure, and I was totally fine. So, if you happen to be part of the “lucky” 1% :P, fortunately the liver regenerates quickly. Better to be safe, right? An easy lab to do.


    Also CONGRATULATIONS on 100 days! Well done!!! 😎