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    Yes, congratulations!!!!! I’m so glad you made the decision to stop smoking. I have never smoked and I’m very allergic to it (I’m allergic to many things) but from what I hear, it is very had to stop, so … congrats … keep it up.

    So glad the antibodies tests were all normal. It sounds like your only thyroid problem is the nodules.

    My one concern is that your #s are close to where they were 2 years ago with the Tapazole 10mg/day so even though the amount is small maybe it is keeping your #s there. Since there are no labs from right before you started taking the Rx there is no way to know. The good thing is that your antibodies are normal (TSI, etc). Since they are normal there might be a lesser risk with you stopping to see if your #s change. You can run this by your Dr. at your next appointment.

    As for the liver, 10mg/day is a small dose. I’m on the 30mg/day and I believe the max is 60mg/day. But we are all different and even a smaller amount can affect some people more than others. You said that you had a general workup from your Fam. Dr. and what I think you could do is call your Fam. Dr.’s nurse and ask for your liver function results, which were probably done with the general workup stuff. If ATL, AST is normal, I wouldn’t worry too much about the liver. If you are not jaundice, if your stool is not acholic (light color), you are not nauseated, vomiting, or have pain in your right upper quadrant then I wouldn’t worry too much about the liver.

    As for the inaccuracies in the doctor’s notes, yes, ask them to fix them. They made some mistakes in mine at my old Endo’s office (no longer my Endo). They even put in my file that I had hypothyroidism. So yes, they need to have the correct information in the notes so that the Dr. can make the correct decisions for your treatment.

    I hear you about the co-pays. I have to pay a lot each time I go see my Endo and the ultrasound was super expensive. I pay a lot for medical insurance, which makes it even worst. One would think that one would not have to pay co-pays when paying so much for the medical insurance.

    Caro :)