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    To clarify, I just started the tapazole about 6 weeks ago. My doctor doesn’t seem concerned about liver damage at all, even though I’ve expressed that concern multiple times. I’m going to request they check it on my next labs though.

    If I fill out the medical release form, will they just automatically send me everything? I’ve been asking for copies of everything at every visit (and calling to get those things I can’t get when I’m there) and I feel like I’m driving the office staff crazy. I know I have a right to these records for my files, but I feel bad making them jump through hoops for me! Also, I did notice some inaccuracies in the doctors notes from my last visit (he put down symptoms that I never had!) Should I ask them to fix it?

    Thanks for the congrats on quitting smoking! Today marks 100 days :) I’m more proud with each passing day!