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    I feel fine besides still having some heart palps/racing heart moments and anxiety, but that’s pretty typical for me. I have had anxiety for years, and I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. I did not have heart palps and racing 2 years ago when the baselines were done. It just so happens that my original endo appointment last month, I had just quit smoking 2 months prior and was under lots and lots of stress, and was pretty much having mid mental breakdown. He automatically assumed hyperthyroid, and I’ve questioned it ever since. The mental breakdown issue has resolved, but I don’t feel like it was due to the Tapazole so much. I feel fine overall.

    Have you had antibody levels tested? (TSI, TRAb). **Yes, and they are normal.

    Ultrasound was also the same as it was 2 years ago. I do have nodules, but they have not changed. My thyroid is enlarged and has been since I was in my early teens.

    I haven’t really had any other labs besides the general workup from my family doctor, all of which were normal.

    I already questioned my doctor once and I felt like he kind of took it personally and he warned me that he wouldn’t recommend going off the Tapazole, but if I did, to take beta blockers. I picked up the beta blockers, but decided to wait for my labs to come back before I made my decision. I don’t want to take the beta blockers because I’m afraid I’ll have to continue to take them to regulate my heartbeat if I begin now. I could email the doctor to question him again now that I’m armed with my lab results, but he’ll probably tell me I have to come in to the office and pay another copay to discuss it. Urgghhhh. I’ve been there twice in the last month already. I have an appointment scheduled in September currently. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to wait for then… I just hate to think I might be damaging my liver with this tapazole for nothing!

    Thanks for your responses, ladies! This is all so stressful!!!