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    Hello Alyk,

    To me, your #s look to be within normal range. How were you feeling 2 years ago when you had the baseline labs done? You said they are no that different but now you are having symptoms so, did you have symptoms 2 years ago? What did your ultrasound say? Was your thyroid enlarged? Did you have nodules?

    I agree that looking at the TSI, TPOab, and other immune related thyroid tests might give you some answers. I don’t think I would want to stop Rx if the TSI was elevated.

    Have you had other labs done to make sure nothing else is going on that could be causing your symptoms?

    10mg/day sounds very minimal to me but that is b/c I’m on a 30mg/day. 10mg/day even though small, could have still caused your #s to get lower but there is no way to tell as you mentioned.

    Are you taking a beta blocker for your racing heart/palpitations? I know that having a fast heart rate was making me very anxious.

    What did your Dr. say about your new #s?

    Caro :)