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    adenure wrote:
    I want to feel like Mary Katherine Gallagher: “Supah Stah”!!! :P

    lol!!! Me too!

    Alexis, I was thinking, maybe it is more of a pituitary thing what is going on with your TSH?? Have you had any other labs done? Such as Prolactin? I don’t know, just something to keep in mind. I know it has only been 6 weeks and it is probably your body just getting used to things but thought I would mention it.

    As for the headaches, what is your Dr. saying about it? It has been several weeks since you have been complaining of headaches. It most be be so so frustrating. Do you have a general Dr. who might help you out with trying to figure out the source of the headaches? I have one right now and I was thinking about how you most feel day in and day out with a headache. I hope you get better soon.

    Caro :)