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    Thanks for the reply Shirley. I don’t know; I’m just discouraged bc I wanted my numbers to “make sense”. When I was hyper, they all said hyper! When I was normal on methimazole they all said “normal”. Now they contradict each other. I mean dessicated piggy stuff when I referred to natural hormone supplement- like Armor. Wasn’t sure if that would be better than Synthroid- maybe the lower T3 means I’m not converting efficiently? Obviously I am converting, but maybe not well enough for my TSH to be lower? I don’t know. My endo. isn’t a fan of things like Armor/ Naturethroid. He’d probably let me try it if I insisted, but I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do. Then I thought maybe adding a tiny bit of Cytomel to the Synthroid could get the T3 up and the TSH down? I don’t know- I’ll be talking with my endo, but my TSH is essentially going up relatively quickly it seems. I don’t get it. Kimberly… anyone?