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    Hi All,
    Just goes to show what a wonderful, insightful and caring bunch we have on this Forum. I would just like to chime in – I am almost the most positive person I know – even in my darkest, deepest Graves quagmire, people ask me how I am and my usual response is “Better than most, 2 arms, 2 legs and breathing on my own”, but sometimes I have needed the reassurance from the wonderful members of this Forum to bring me back to the real world. I have even found I have been second guessing myself as to whether I am actually feeling a sympton or maybe am I imagining it. Whilst I am a true believer in the power of positive thinking, I also believe that some of the more challenging days or moments can test even the most positive of us. I don’t push my Graves onto people but if people ask questions I try and answer them. Most people I have come across are totally uninformed about Thyroid issues (as I was) and it has become somewhat of a crusade to spread the word and if possible, when I am more healthy, I will be out there shouting from the highest mountain and hopefully contributing towards promoting a better understanding and awareness of Thyroid and/or auto-immune disorders. So thank you to all you fellow Graves Warriors and especially Kimberley, Bobbi and other Moderators, your efforts and prayers are greatfully acknowledged. Soldier on all!
    Cheers, hugs and kisses