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    I think you’re right. It is hard though. I know things could be WAY worse, but it’s hard when you’ve been relatively healthy your whole life and then whammo! It’s frustrating & discouraging when you’ve basically just lived your life not even thinking one bit about your body, mind, physical health just because it was always there. I never took it for granted exactly, but oh how I miss sleeping well, having no headaches, and being able to just do what I have to/ want to do. Ah well, I shouldn’t be a complainer. I know I’ve come a long way since being diagnosed and am on the right path, but I’m hoping to be able to sleep well again someday and wake up and not have a headache. I know so many of you have had a much harder time and longer journey with Graves than I have, and I am so impressed by everyone’s perseverance and positive attitude. My mother in law has Brittle’s (?) diabetes; she tests her blood 6 times a day at least and has huge swings in blood sugar levels- she’s up 4 times a night bc her levels go so low- very dangerously low. Yet, she deals with this day and night and has the most positive attitude I’ve ever seen. I’m trying to learn. You are right, Jules. Positive attitude is important.