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    I hope this finds you well. I use to live in midwestern KS and fought for years to get diagnosed when I lived there. It wasn’t until I moved to Idaho and had no choice but to have the thyroidectomy when I was diagnosed with Grave’s. Since, it has been almost 6 years and I still have my “good” days and my “bad” days. As others have posted I agree that it seems to be fighting more of the autoimmune disease part of this than the thyroid part. However, we are kind of hit with a double edged sword. We have so many symptoms much like that of someone with ms, also an autoimmune, but we can’t be treated for it like they can. We are treated for the thyroid part but we still get thrown off by heat, cold, stress, sleep, etc. Again, much like those who suffer from ms. It is hard to deal with but we fight on and use each other as support.

    I don’t regret the surgery and have to admit I felt 100% better after. I was able to hold a glass of water again, clean my house in one day, simple things that I took for granted before I got extremely sick. Yes, I still have the occasional palpitation, and muscle spasm, or may have a day where I’m exhausted, but that’s a far cry from not even being able to get out of bed to get my kids ready for school!

    Being from KS, hang in there with that heat and humidity and drinks lots of water. I now live in CO and it’s a little more tolerable. I hope you keep on a great road of recovery and use this forum, I have used it lots, just to know I’m not crazy and what I’m feeling isn’t in my head. lol :) Best of luck to you and take care.