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    John! Thank you so much for replying. I found the strabismus surgery I had the most wonderful event in my TED life. At this time, after all the procedures I have had listed below, it has been suggested that I would profit from a 2nd OD on my left eye, plus a first one on my right. It is not my appearance that concerns me, it is the inability of my eyelids to close when I sleep at night, and the large amount of exposure (still) of both eyes, despite upper eyelid surgery to lower them (I can’t tell the difference) and completely failed surgeries to raise the lower eyelids. Plus complications with the grafts sites from the palate not granulating in 10 months later!
    ***What procedure, and what material, was used in your LOWER eyelid surgery to raise your retracted lower eyelid? A repeat procedure of that surgery has been proposed, but with an artificial graft this time
    Thank you so much.