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    I agree with all that gatorgirly said. Big points are:
    1. Your endo is NOt the doc to be treating or diagnosing TED.
    2. The eye doctor is. PROVIDED he/she is familiar with TED, and has treated it.
    3. The two are separate subjects. TED and Graves’.
    4. I had prednisone for TED, too. 60mgm for a month with a long taper. It helped a little bit, as soon as it was tapered, the improvement was gone. BUT it relieved pressure on my optic nerve until I could have surgery-which is done in the active phase if we are losing our vision. Otherwise, all surgery should be done in the cold or inactive phase.
    5. Repeat. Graves’ and TED are different. Treated by different doctors.
    6. Stopping prednisone is DANGEROUS. It has to be tapered, taking smaller and smaller amounts over many weeks. Usually 5 mgm at a time . Please do not stop it abruptly.

    Maybe our posts will help you with questions.
    Hope so. Do write again.