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    My vision is definitely affected. Even more so because I wear my sunglasses 80% of the time instead of wearing my prescription glasses.
    I’m hoping this appointment goes as well as to be expected tomorrow and I know that I probably need a higher does of the prednisone. But the side effects have me nervous. The end took me off Tapozole because he says according to recent blood work I’m now hyPO…he said that could be why my eyes are swelling but to me that makes no sense because I’m off them now and I still look horrible. I was Tapozole for less than a year.
    I called my endo today to ask if I could stop the Preds and take advil for the pain and inflammation-they booked me in to see him tomorrow morning. Now even though I have the opthamologist appt in the afternoon, I’m thinking I should still see Endo to ask why he took me off the tapozole with antibody testing first. Can the opthamologist answer that? Who is going to tell me when I’m in the cold phase? Can I just request to have surgery-take out the thyroid and take out the fat around my eyes?

    Im so confused because I don’t really not what the hell is wrong with me. I just know that I look like hell and no matter how much faith I try to have no matter how optimistic I try to be I’m still so messed up and theres no straight answers, This disease is killing me literally…Im trying but I dont know how much longer I can do this if I don’t get any relief. Please pray for me.