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    Hello and welcome to our forum. First of all, Graves’ isn’t reversible in all patients (some do go into a period of remission), but it is absolutely TREATABLE. If you check out the “treatment options” thread in the announcements section of the boards, you can find resources on the three available treatment options (Anti-Thyroid Drugs, Radioactive Iodine, and thyroid surgery). These treatment options can restore you to good health…and give you your life back!

    Please don’t let lack of insurance or funds prevent you from seeking treatment. There are a number of clinics in the U.S. that provide care on a free or sliding scale basis. The U.S. government’s Health Resources and Services Administration web site allows you to do a search by zip code. Although they don’t always offer specialist care, they can at least connect you with a physician that can order labs and prescribe medications. You can find them on the web at:

    (Note on links: if you click directly on the following link, you will need to use your browser’s “back” button to return to the boards after viewing, or you will have to log back in to the forum. As an alternative, you can right-click the link and open it in a new tab or new window).

    Also, there is a non-profit organization called the Patient Advocate Foundation that helps individuals who are uninsured and underinsured seek access to medical care. You can find them on the web at:

    Unfortunately, with our healthcare system, we sometimes have to be VERY aggressive in being our own advocates and seeking out appropriate care. But please take the time do this ASAP…both for yourself and for your little girl.

    Take care — and please keep us posted on how you are doing.