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    VanIsleGal wrote:
    Hi Caro!

    I think it is the same antibody test!

    They don’t use it much here. I think the test is expensive and it takes a couple of weeks to get the results back. For me, it was sent to Vancouver and I live in Victoria, on a big island near Vancouver and Seattle in Canada.

    Since they don’t advocate for remission here my 3 endos have never given me info about remission. Are they more supportive of remission where you live?

    Keep us posted too! Take care of yourself! xoxo

    So it is the same … thanks for looking that up for me. You live in a such a beautiful place. I visited Seattle a few years back. All around there is beautiful. I don’t know how supportive about remission my Dr is going to be b/c I just started the journey but I’ll get a better picture when I see him again in 2 weeks. I live in a small town so here were I live there are not many Endo Drs. unfortunately :( and at least one of the few is not at all into GD (he is into diabetes instead). The one I’m seeing right now does have several GD patients and his nurse just had a TT but she does not have GD.

    Caro :)