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    Oh I have lots to learn too! The only antibody that I have had tested is called TSH Receptor Ab. I don’t know if this is the same as TBI? I have had 3 endocrinologists and my old results are with them, so I don’t know numbers. My latest one is online so I have that one. It is 69.8 with normal being below 1.8. I was on tapazole when I was tested so don’t know the number before medication. I am not a good candidate for remission because I have come out of remission twice and my thyroid is quite overactive. I have never been hypothyroid. I damaged my heart the 2nd time with Graves’ and I think my mom is upset because I didn’t get the RAI after the 1st time. The endo told me my chances for remission aren’t good with two failed remissions and having Graves’ a 3rd time. I am still leaning toward the surgery. Not sure yet though. I go on holidays on Saturday and probably won’t be making any decisions until I come back the middle of August!