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    Oh My Gosh…all your responses have helped me so much!

    Gatorgily, this is how I felt but didn’t even realize it until you said it! The surgeon was questioning why I wouldn’t do RAI, but in a nice way, I think he just wanted the facts. Yes I was in remission for about 4 years the first time and only about a year the 2nd time. I love the new info on remission which includes taking small doses even while in remission. I wish I had of known about and tried this method. I am not a good candidate for remission with my thyroid quite large, high antibodies, and the disease is quite aggressive as I am on 40 mg of Tapazole a day.

    Snelsen, yes I have the concern with the precautions. If the radiation is safe for me why are there precautions for others? I have 3 cats and no place to stay really but at home if I had RAI. I have never been nauseous after surgery but one time after lung surgery I woke up trying to get off the bed and I was screaming. It was like a nightmare. I don’t know what I was given.

    Sarah, he has done many surgeries including many this year, but most are for cancer patients, not Graves’, since RAI is the most common treatment for Graves’. I read about the surgeon before going to see him and he is a top surgeon in my city. He graduated in the 90’s I believe from Univ of Toronto, a top medical university in Canada. The hoarse voice would scare me!

    Hi Alexis! Didn’t you just have surgery? I will look back at your posts when I have more time. I have had 5 surgeries, 4 being quite major requiring long hospital stays. I guess after the ultrasound and CAT scan the surgeon will inform me if I am a good candidate for surgery.

    Hi Caro! I am thinking of remission again too. If my mom found this out she would wring my neck! I have had the problem where the disease came back so quickly that I didn’t catch it in time and it got out of hand. In the spring I had pneumonia and blamed the weakness and fast heart rate on my lungs. I didn’t catch the Graves’ for another month. Doctors here at not very supportive of people who chose remission rather than a treatment option.

    Thank you all so much for sharing and caring! It really helps to talk with people going through the same thing. xoxo