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    That is great MVK; congrats on that!

    I hope all goes well with the T4 and look forward to hearing your progress.

    I’m not there yet as my numbers I mentioned just show like my doctor said today, “in normal range.” He is not worried about TSH as yes it can lag behind as what he confirmed today. He did say to my question to having cross symptoms, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid and he said that is very possible. He told me that I’m very slow in going “hypo” and not very common yet some people actually become eurothyroid. Probably won’t be though in my case. Most of the action post RAI should occur within the first 3 months what he was saying. So it is still a wait and see yet I said I’m worried about going too hypothyroid as I did when drug induced hypothyroid on Methimazole back in 2011. I am starting to get leg cramps again and due to having a very bad case of phlebitis back in 1976, I get concerned if I gain some weight. I was on a very strict diet when I was hypothyroid for those 4 months back when Methimazole induced hypo and it was horrible because I was so bloated and crampy in my legs and joints hurting. So he said we should catch me in enough time with the next blood work in August. He cannot put me on Synthroid with having Free T4 and Free T3 within range and they are at the upper end right now yet will if things chance toward hypo even if TSH is still low. No more thoughts of having more RAI as I’m heading the right way. So little steps at a time. Plus once I get balanced as I’ve been all over the place for two years, it may be much easier with diet and exercise and going on T4 for me to lose some weight. Well only time will tell as I still read in some of my thyroid books that almost a third of patients need some extra T3 yet I’m not going to go there because there may never be the need and that can be risky business. I’m just very happy to be going in the right direction even if I don’t feel totally right just yet.
    This forum is a great resource. For 2 years I’ve gone through so many forums and listening to a lot of people. This forum is not whiny and complaining type posts like some of the sites which I won’t mention. Or information that is shared yet to me not backed up properly. To me, this is not an easy journey and even if things are not the normal I knew before, it is a new normal and I have to accept what comes my way as it can be difficult having an auotimmune disease, yet with time and patience it can be controlled. My doctor commented I was hyperthyroid for a very long time, which was so true and not being caught back when even when I was subclinical hyperthyroid so it will take time to get used to the new me yet I will get there and we all will just like so many others have and moved on with their lives!…all the best to all!…beach