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    Hi, first thing to do is get some ocean nasal spray. Spray it in first thing in the morning 2-4 shots per nostril. Use it several times a day. It works for me. I haven’t had any real problems yet. Try it for a few days this week to see if you’re ok without blowing your nose. I was really paranoid about it before hand but it is a non issue. My dr doesn’t want me to blow my nose for 1 month. Most other drs say 2 weeks. I’ve had some muscle pain as the eye muscles find their new place in the world called Todd’s sinuses. For the first 11 days it felt like I had something in my eyes occasionally (I assume dissolving stitches). It was annoying but hot wet compresses (after 3rd day) helped. An hour or two later the feeling would come back and when I couldn’t deal with it… more hot wet compresses. Both my eyes get tired if I look around a lot. Then I loose focus from double vision. I still have double vision in the morning. I’m still black and blue but it is going away. I work with the public so I would freak the average person out. Half of my eye is still blood red. It’ll be a while before I go back to work (2nd surgery in the 3rd week of August). Since you work in an office 2 weeks off should be fine (more if you’re uncomfortable). Just remember that your muscles will rebel on you every now and then (a good time for a hot compress). BTW, I’m taking 500mg bromelain 2x daily (also good for sinuses) and 3 30x arnica tablets under the tongue 2x daily. These help reduce the bruising faster. You can start them 1-3 days prior to the surgery. I can’t imagine getting both eyes done at the same time but if you have the support from friends and family you’ll be fine. Stay on top of your pain meds the first 3 days. Don’t skimp on them. After that you should be fine with Tylenol. Your hardest time is the first 3 days. The swelling peaks on the 3rd day. Don’t look if you’re squeamish. From there it improves quickly. Try hard to control your intake of comfort foods. You’ll be bored and that’s what got me.