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    Hello Alexis,

    I’m so so sorry you had such a bad experience at that party. I guess it is best to keep our medical problems to only those people we fully trust and who understand because they are/have gone through it and to our Drs.

    As you know, I’m still on Methimazole and have not had any experience with synthroid but I do know a friend who had RAI 30 years ago. She told me that she has been on synthroid for 30 years and she is doing great. She told me that she has been on the same dose for a while. She said that all she has to do is watch her weight so that there are no fluctuations, which would require her to have a different dose. She takes it and is happy with it. She is in her 50s now and her thyroid problem developed after giving birth. I believe she told me that her son was 3 months old when she had her thryoid RAI.

    Hang in there. Talk to your Dr. about your T3/synthroid concerns. And … remember, you have gone through a lot in less than 1 year. Your body will need the time to recuperate. I hope soon you start to feel a lot better. So glad your husband is a great support system and that your children are doing well …. and hope your son soon feels better about his asthma.

    Please keep us posted.

    Caro :)