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    Thanks all. I know what you are all saying is true, it’s just hard to hear comments like his out of no where (especially when I’m emotional as it is and my patience is wearing thin with all of this and I want to feel good, now- yes, no doubt there.) Then the big worrywart in me thinks, “Oh no! What if he’s right?!!” Stupid, but true. Thanks for the encouraging words. I need to hear them sometimes (a lot!).

    Thanks for asking about Zack. He’s doing really well- very happy baby & nursing very well too! All my boys are doing great. My oldest is struggling with his asthma though, so we’re trying a new inhaler maintenance med. and hoping it will help him. My husband has been great and really supportive. I am so grateful; without him, this would be so much harder. So, I am blessed in many ways. I have to try to stay positive and just find the good and the fun moments in each day and keep on plugging along. Hopefully I won’t hear too much more unsolicited advice from complete strangers! :P Geez.

    The man who talked about iodine to me- his nephew was hypo I guess (he still has his thyroid though). I don’t know- I hope he’ll be okay in the long run and will still keep up with his doctor.