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    Hi Alexis, that guy did not know what he was talking about, compounded by the fact that he was telling someone else’s story, probably had it all wrong.

    I know you know the basics, you have done such a good job researching everything. You are at that stage now where your intellect can really help you through the next few weeks. There was a recent post by either Bobbi or Kimberly about how long it takes for Synthoid to “kick in” completely. I can’t reference it right now cause I am writing to you!

    Yep, we must have levothyroxine. It is essential for life (ours and everyone elses.) So I find it hard to think that it causes cancer any more than life does!

    I am very happy with Synthroid. Consistency over time is the main thing, I think. A couple times, the doc forgot to write “no generic” so the pharmacy filled the generic. It was for 90 days, so I took it that long. It may be just the psychology of me, I decided and felt that I felt better on Synthroid.

    After many years, I went through the stage of wanting to try Cytomel. My endo said sure I could, his experience, plus evidence based literature said that it did not help many people, and most people saw no difference at all. Said if you do take it, it should be taken in divided doses, (which are harder to do, 3x a day optimal, 2x a day for sure.) That is because it is a big dump all at once if taken once a day. I did it for a while, saw no difference at all, and was not sure why I was doing it to begin with.

    I think, with you, it is critical for you to remind yourself over and over and over again, HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME, HOW MUCH YOU HAVE BEHIND YOU, and realize that it really is a slow process to get back to your normal self. You are making progress. You actually have not been on the hormone long enough to reach much of any conclusion at all about much of anything (smile, smile.) This friggin damn Graves’ tries all our patience in the worst ways. We want to feel better right now. Especially since we (you) have taken so many steps in that direction.
    How’s the baby!?
    love, Shirley