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    I’m thinking that a trip to the ER is a waste of your time and money.
    The thing that would warrant that trip, is a rapid heart rate, as I mentioned before. I’d be surprised if they gave you anything based on your symptoms now. Too many knowns. Hyperthyroid, history of anxiety, and basically a normal pulse rate. It would be hard to justify emergent treatment based on that, I’d guess.

    Another suggestion-call the on call for the office, or, who knows, maybe your own doc is on call, explain the situation, and they can fax/call the RX in, if, as Since your providers seem to be online electronically, I presume, they can pull up the last chart note stating the plan. Is this possible? Not sure where you are in the U.S, but if it is not a 24 hour pharmacy, and it gets there, you should definitely call them and request them to expedite it. My local pharmacy at the drug store closes at 7 on Saturday, rather than staying open until 9.

    Most of us are on a beta blocker, I do not see many posts about it bothering people. I suppose if your heart rate is really low, it might make it lower, thus could make you light headed, especially if you are volume depleted (not drinking enough water.) But it sounds like you doc wanted you to have it in case you needed it. Good question for the pharmacist and docs, but it seems that you already know the answer.

    Tons of people take beta blockers for years, (remember I am not a medical professional, just using common sense. But I suspect it is fine to take Aleve. Now THAT is something you can check out right now with the pharmacist by phone or dropping by to ask your question.
    Ask, “are there any contraindications to taking Aleve when I am on a beta blocker?”

    I know that when patients come for surgery, we tell them to take their beta blocker, and we prescribe and sometimes give in the recovery room, Aleve or Tylenol. Pretty sure the pharmacist will tell you that it is a non-issue.