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    Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome! :)

    I did call the pharmacy already (3 times actually, lol) but they have no record of it. I think the doctors office failed to forward it by the end of their business day or something. They normally send scripts once a day at the end of the day, but it seems they missed mine this time. I will have to call them first thing Monday.

    My heart rate is actually normal. 82 BPM (it was hanging out around 100-115 BPM when I was diagnosed) and I’m not feeling many palps, just the twinges the last few days. I do have anxiety meds and have been taking them at bedtime (they are for use as needed) to help me sleep through the night without worry. They do make me drowsy, so I only like to take them at night. I carry them with me at all times though, so if it would get worse I would try it earlier if need be.

    Question about the Inderal (have you been on it or something similar?) What sort of side effects did you have? I’m worried about drowsiness on that as well, and also worried about whether I could take Aleve while on it, as I get frequent headaches and Aleve is the only thing that works! I will ask the pharmacist, but thought I’d ask you in the meantime :)