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    Thank you all for your replies.

    I took all the advice and got an appointment with an endo Aug. 24th. My mind is made up and I am going to take the pills – now that is done, I guess the next step is physicaly taking the pills.

    I am and have been seeing a Physiatrist, he told me he can’t help me unless I take pills for the stress. I won’t take any mind altering drugs ever, and that is a bit deeper than the phobia. Nor will I take any pain medication. I do however take tylenol#1 but that is the one and only pill I’ll take – no advil, no asprin, no vitamins etc. I’m so confused and lost because there are more issues aside from the phobia. I have however writen a graves story for my dr and was thinking about sharing it here but I’m unsure if I should since it is sort of long.

    I do have a question though – How come some people take 20+ pills with graves?

    Be well,