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    Hi Naisly and welcome

    Your fears are justified. If you are angry with your doctors who seem a bit on the not-so-compassionate side, I understand that also. I think in med school they teach compassion but then tell them to throw it out the window at the first sign of fear LOL. I love the doctors/endos, etc. but yes it can be either intimidating or condescending. This board is a great source of support. No one is a physician but we have or had this awful disease so as “ginny pigs” we have been treated and can tell you first hand the results, affects, etc. It is a chess game, move forward, move backwards, move sideways…etc. until they find that sweet spot.

    So with that being said, please please please seek medical help ASAP. thyroid storm can be fatal and you would not want that to happen. You think you feel bad now….

    Keep seeking treaters of the mind also. The mind and body are connected without a doubt. See if you can get some sort of liquid anxiety medication if that will help. Even if it is something you can mix in water or juice for easier consumption. But yes, please seek help and keep doing your research for a good endo.

    I wish you the best recovery and you are in my prayers…