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    Caro, I am not sure if you read my recent post. Pretty much the same as yours. However, from what I understand from what Naisly wrote, she does have an internal medicine doctor who first diagnosed her. But after that, it seems to be only the GP and the psychiatrist.
    Naisly, is the internal medicine doc the endocrinologist? All endocrinologists ARE internal medicine docs, who take a year or two of an endocrinology fellowship. They have already taken internal medicine boards,then they take an endocrinology test.
    I worked with a Canadian internal medicine doc who has just finished his residency, and was at my hospital to focus on endocrinology. His experience was the same as I described.

    I am writing all this so we understand the terminology you are using when you refer to the internal medicine doc you apparently saw at least once and who diagnosed you/ Is this correct?

    At any rate, I feel that you need treatment. It would take a lot of emotional effort, probably with no success at all, to contact the press, in my opinion.

    As Carito said, when you DO take an ATD, you need to have the tests she mentioned, especially initially when you begin the drug, and for a couple of months after that.

    Re phobia. Maybe you can work with your psychiatrist to transfer your phobia to something else. I am not joking, I worked with a nurse who had a severe phobia of blood. She worked with a doctor to transfer her fear to chocolate covered cake donuts, which she hates. Worked for her.
    Do keep writing