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    Naisly wrote:

    The problem is, my GP doesn’t know anything about the medication (administrating/dosing etc) nor is he able to do any more blood tests so it was his suggestion I see an endo. Thing is, if I am to get over my phobia with the pills, then I must get the answers I need – because as of now, I feel 10 times worse than I did 2 weeks ago and believe it to be imperative I see where my levels are in order to get the correct treatment.

    So I have a choice, I can either wait for an endo or have my GP guess, this is why I was asking about beta-blockers.

    I don’t know what else to do =(


    Hello Naisly,

    I think I’m starting to understand. You have a GP and a psychiatrist. Who is the internal medical doctor though? I thought you were meaning that he/she was the Endo and you just didn’t know the correct term of his/her specialty.

    I agree with you, in order to determine the dose the Dr will need to run labs, etc. You GP, for what I understand, diagnosed you with GD but can’t treat you b/c he/she doesn’t know what labs to run, what dose to give you, right? But … I believe you said in your other post that he can give you the medication by guessing what your #s are.

    In your other post you said that:

    Naisly wrote:
    They said it was graves, and I had T4 and THS test done, they would not do T3. I also had an uptake scan done. The labs will not do any more tests unless a endo asks. My GP doesn’t know enough about graves or the medication. He said he can start me on the medication but cannot follow up with testing, diet, lifestyle changes …

    Who ran the T4 and TSH for you? Was it your GP. Those are mainly the tests that your Dr needs to keep running to see where you are if you take Methimazole or any of the other treatments (minimum tests b/c with Methimazole you will also need AST and ALT, WBC – lab test that any GP should be able to run and understand … basic MD stuff). Couldn’t you get in touch with the Dr who ran the T4 and TSH?

    I believe it is very irresponsible to keep you waiting so long. First they tell you that you have GD and that without treatment that you can die and then they tell you that you have to wait 6 months. It is very upsetting. You might have to go Harpy’s route … call the local hospital, call local media, etc.

    I agree with Harpy when he says “you have to be prepared to take the prescribed medication.” I can only imagine how the waiting and confusion of the whole waiting game, plus the symptoms, are making things a lot worst for you but start getting your mind set ready for taking the treatment for when you finally get it. I’m glad you are seen a psychiatrist, who can hopefully help you get to where you need to get in regards to your phobia.

    Please do keep us posted. No one should have to go through so much to get treatment for GD.