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    Hi, Naisly,
    You are not a schmuck! You have a situation with Graves’ that we all hate. Plus, your very legitimate, diagnosed phobia, which is another medical condition, make a very difficult situation even more difficult for you.

    I agree with your on comment about the psychiatrist. How demoralizing to be dismissed like that, and be told to “fix it” with the very thing that is fearful for you.

    Many of us have had so many disappointments and bad experiences with endos who don’t seem to care, who are dismissive, or controlling. There have been others from Canada on this forum, you may be able to find some of them if you put Canada in the search engine. Possible that you might live in the same place as someone on the board, and you could contact them with a PM, see if they are happy with their endo. An endo is an endocrinologist, they are generally the docs who treat hyperthyroidism. Some are more interested in this than others. Many specialize in diabetes. But they know about Graves, for it is an endocrine problem.

    There is no reason at all for you to feel lucky! Most of us are NOT happy that we ended up with Graves’.
    Many of us have family members who don’t understand,and who don’t “get it”at all. It helps a tiny bit to realize that before we had Graves’, most of us have NEVER heard of it, and had no information about it, and the implications of having it.
    It helps to make a list of questions for your doctor. Know them before you go in, as much as you can. Also ask him/her if there are any options for you to explore actual help with your phobia diagnosis, and/or I am wondering if you would profit from a support group of people with phobias.

    If you have read the board very much, you probably have learned that all three treatments are chosen for totally different reasons. Unfortunately, continuing to live with Graves’ and do nothing is not a good option, and can be a very dangerous one. You are certainly not the first person to consider that! It is a long road back to feeling like yourself again. and even harder, when you like the way you feel now!