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    Hi! I’m happy for your son that he will make the turn to recovery soon! I had a total thyroidectomy 4 weeks ago. Everything went well- no complications and I’m healing very well from the surgery. The first 48 hours are tough; on day 6 I made a turn for doing better. My voice was weak and tired for about 3 weeks. But, it is fine now. I started 100 mcg. of Synthroid on day 2 after surgery.

    I do want to prepare you though for the fact that it will take time to get his hormone levels normal after. I’m in the middle of that process and it is not the most fun I’ve ever had… NOT as bad as being hyper by any stretch, but it’s tough. My labs a few days ago show that my body is pretty much confused at the moment, but I get labs done again in 3 weeks to see how things are settling down. My TSH says slightly hypo, yet my T4 is high (although normal range). I get a mix of mild hyper & hypo symptoms. I hear this is normal. I was hoping for a “quick fix” and a completely smooth ride each day getting better. Each day I AM better as far as the surgery, but the hormones are a little different. Just wanted to kind of put that out there so that you and your son keep that in mind and, if he feels not so hot some days, to try to stay positive and know it’ll take time to get our hormones straightened out- that’s where I’m at now. But, Yes, absolutely, it’s way better than being hyper or on the ATD’s (at least for me anyway!) :) Here’s to a smooth surgery!!! Also as a side note, I just took Advil for pain (for about a week). The surgeon prescribed vicadin, but I didn’t need it. The pain isn’t too bad. That is a plus!