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    Hi all – Thank you SO MUCH for your responses! It feels really good hearing from people who not only know the issues and lingo but know what it feels like to be, (as my husband calls it), “gravesy”, and weighing two not-great options.

    Yesterday I got permission from my endo to drop the Methimazole from 10 mg to 5 mg (she probably would’ve given me permission to try an all-chocolate diet if I had asked- so sure she is that in four weeks we’ll be back at the decision place between RAI and surgery no matter what we do), but I have decided to remain hopeful that the enzymes will go down.
    (FYI – they were elevated when I began treatment, but have tripled since then).

    I will check back in in 4 weeks, and in the meantime I wish a speedy recovery, and health to you all who are in process! Again – I am SO GRATEFUL for your stories!