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    Hi kararoot,

    Being diagnosed with Graves and facing a decision on which treatment route to take is an extremely scary and stressful time. The last thing you need is an attitude from the one person you are supposed to be able to trust your health with. When I read what she said to you, my jaw dropped. I can only think of one word to describe that kind of behavior from a physician (I worked in healthcare until February, and I know her type), but I don’t think I’m allowed to say it on here. Please find a new endocrinologist. One who respects your knowledge on YOUR condition. I feel so blessed every time I come on here and read these horror stories of people with jerks for doctors. Both my old and new endocrinologist (I moved from FL to MA) appreciate my interest, knowledge, and commitment to understanding Graves. They even share medical journals and clinical studies with me because they know I’m a nerd and like reading that stuff. I’m not saying this is the extreme you need to find with your endocrinologist, but accusing you of trying to do her job is ignorant – it sounds like she is not at all interested in your willingness to learn so you can make the best treatment decision for YOU.

    And I’m sure one of the facilitators can share with you the information on why you need a traditional physician as opposed to the integrative health doctor in treating your Graves. Sure, nutrition and stress affect our overall health, but neither of those can cure Graves.

    For whatever it’s worth, I chose RAI. It was a six-month journey from RAI to hypo so I could begin Synthroid, but I’m happy with my decision and would make it again. I am doing well, and preparing for OD.