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    I should have been updating this thread over the years.

    It was this forum that made me aware there is success for some with long term Tapazole usage and the possibility of remission.

    I was on Tapazole for almost 6 years started at 30mg and went all the way down to 2.5mg daily and had a jump back to 10mg, 5mg and back down again to 2.5mg. RAI was suggested multiple times by my Endo, he said the likely hood of remission after 2-3yrs of Tapazole was very unlikely.

    Right round the 6yr mark my Endo said it was time to stop taking the Tapazole due to my readings going Hypo off the 2.5mg daily dosage.

    6 months off Tapazole all readings were normal.

    12 months off Tapazole Endo said readings were starting to lean towards hyper again but not enough to consider any treatment. Follow appointment set up in 6 month. I’m told to expect to be Hyper consider RAI option or Tapazole should the readings present this option.

    Today 18 months off Tapazole – follow up appointment. All readings perfectly normal. Endo was excited to deliver the news. He said it was very unexpected based on what he seen in the results 6 months prior.

    Follow-up set for 6 more months from today. Endo said if all is normal there will be no need to see h again and back to my family Dr. Should this be the case I will ask to see him at least one more time in 6-9 month for one more all clear.

    I wanted to share this journey to provide others with more reference points.

    This site was a great help to me, if my info can help others that would be awesome.

    Thank you for the website, stories and hope this website provides.