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    Update #1

    After the first 2 weeks of tapazole I was sure I was losing more hair but it seemed to stop. I had to do my labs at 6.5 weeks and seen the endo yesterday (1 week after my labs) at this point 7.5 weeks I have gained 16 pounds…..dead give away my metabolism had slowed. So my first visit to the endo I was told there were 5 issues T3/T4 metabolic rate, high heart rate and irregular heart beat. So follow up visit T3/T4/metabolic rate And heart rate all are in the normal range, irregular heart beat still exists. So tapazole cut from 10mg twice a day to 15mg once a day, metetropolol not cut still 50mg twice a day. At this loint my thyroid is showing only normal readings. Labs again in 6 weeks with return endo follow up visit #2 in 7 weeks, goal I am told is if t3/t4 stay normal reduce the tapazole again and hopes that the irregular heart beat corrects itself (with luck).

    The endo plan was to have a 12-18 month program with hopes to get the thyroid levels corrected and move into remission. To see things in a normal range so quick is truely a blessing. I wanted to share this with everyone because it provides hope.