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    I can relate as I was similar to what is sounds your girlfriend is going through prior to being treated. I argued with everyone and just wanted to be alone even though I am married. I won’t go into detail yet it was pretty bad. Since I have gone to a therapist who specializes in people with anxiety and depression problems with some who have thyroid issues which can cause extreme mood swings and if not corrected timely and properly will linger and mimic Bipolar disorder. The book “The Thyroid Solution” written by Ridha Arem, MD, helped me tremedously to see that I was reacting strangely in relationships due to a chemical imbalance. I am told to get the thyroid corrected and do not expect that even after being balanced that I will be perfect as healing can take a lot of time. Yet, the person has to want help and it took me a long time to accept that yet now when I look back I see what was going on. My husband has been very supportive and I had him read different writings that were addressed to family and friends of those who have thyroid disease. We still have our issues, yet things improved and I’m still in the process of working on getting balanced unfortunately after 2 years yet my circumstances are different and some get better with treatment quicker than others. This site has great resources and one of the first things I read is what Kimberly is referring to below. I wish you the best of luck with all this.