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    Hello – I know there are some other members here who have been through similar situations, so I hope they will check in and give you some advice. In the meantime, you might use the “search posts” feature to look for old posts with keywords “wife”, “girlfriend”, “divorce”, etc..

    Unfortunately, Graves’ disease can definitely cause complications that puts a huge strain on relationships. Here is a bulletin that describes some of the effects:

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    It sounds like your girlfriend is taking anti-thyroid drugs, which can take a few weeks before you fully see the effects. And even after that, the symptoms sometimes linger until the body has really had a chance to heal. However, they *can* restore her to good health, and hopefully, she will have a change of heart when she starts feeling better. We actually counsel patients to NOT make any major decisions on relationships, major purchases, moving, etc. until they are feeling better. We would be happy to communicate directly with your girlfriend if she’d like to e-mail us at

    Wishing you all the best.