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    One more thing ….

    I know your are struggling with weight issues but I do recommend a healthy diet. It helps us get energy. I know that when we are tired we tend to want to eat something that will give us a boost … usually something sweet but in the long run we end up feeling tired. So we need last of veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, fish, chicken, protein, etc ….

    I’m having to eat a lot lately because in 1 month I lost 10 lbs. My body needs the protein and that is one thing I was told by my Dr. to eat a lot of. I buy protein bars from the store and eat them as snacks. I’m allergic to Gluten so I buy the gluten free kind.

    Did your Dr. tell you what to do regarding exercise? Mine told me to limit my activity and that I could not exercise until he gave me the go ahead.

    Hope this helps.

    Caro :)