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    I vote for calling the office, saying what needs to be said to get the labs, and also what you are experiencing. “I notice profound changes, sometimes I want to sleep three hours at a time.” You do have to get the attention of the voice answering the phone so the message is relayed promptly with some degree of accuracy. As Kimberly said, I hate to think you might be moving into hypo territory, but that is its’ own special hell-along with being hyper.
    I am so darn sorry that this is your summer! This is all so hard

    Anyone I have known has had excellent success with WW. (except Kimberly! it just wasn’t right for her.) I’d give it a whirl, cause it is taking ACTION, and it is not some way out crazy thing. Some people stay on it for life. In the future, it may not even be an issue for you, but right now, it is.!
    Do join us and continue to write. This forum rocks!