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    Tnapuvlu, Rituxin is not a cure. You will still have TED. You will still need to have good eye docs involved in your care. If you are in the active phase, this is very important. I suggest you ask your eye doc his/her thoughts on what stage you are with TED, review what aids you have used so far-there really is not much to do in the active phase in terms of treatment- only to help with symptoms, eye ointment and drops, sun glasses, see an eye doc about prisms if you have double vision. And definitely have a doc checking your visual fields. If you begin to lose any vision, or if the color red changes in any way, you must be seen. This could necessitate an orbital decompression in the active phase to save your vision. This happened to me.
    Read the study Kimberly referred to. It is small, and basically, people are hoping, and in a few people it did, decrease the severity of TED.
    Talk all of this over with your eye docs.