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    I’m so glad to read that the Dr. has ordered the T3. Looking at you labs, your TSH was working all along (not shot off like mine) so I would guess that it being up now is telling you that you might be hypo. I know TSH is not something to pay too much attention to in my case b/c is almost none existent and it will probably take time for it to work again. In your case though, it seems that your TSH did not get turned off when you were hyper.

    I have read that it can take 4-6 weeks to feel the change with synthroid. I have also read that can take longer. I guess, like everyone has been telling me around here, we are all different and therefore it depends. Are you taking something for your symptoms? I too hope you don’t go hypo. I remember reading somewhere that someone had started the Rx before the surgery and that they felt better early after the surgery because of that. I don’t know if that is normal/safe procedure though. A lady told me the other day that she has to make sure she stays on the same weight or she has to change the dosage. She had RAI 30 years ago. How is your weight? Are you currently gaining what you lost when hyper? I’m guess that is also another issue when trying to get to the correct dose. I hope with all my heart that soon you start feeling better. Hang in there. Maybe you can ask your Dr. what to take for your headache. Maybe with that under control you can get some sleep. Hang in there.

    Keep us posted.
    Caro :)