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    Thanks for sharing Mike as it is great to hear someone share who is now doing well after time.

    I am the same age and having struggles as I had RAI in May 2012, still hyperthyroid, yet gained weight with 20 months on ATDs and never lost even with good diet and exercise and believe it or not at 2 months post RAI still hyperthyroid and I ask then why can I not lose weight and then they say don’t exercise yet except walking is good so I do a lot of that.

    It is great advice about the diet as I know I need to alter some things as I never had a problem yet since being treated for Graves things really seemed to change with my metabolism.

    I was a very active person for years until back a little over two years ago when I developed Graves (and again told not to exercise), probably in the best shape of my life. Now I feel like a marshmellow at times with my cholesterol rising and thank goodness my bp is still good yet lots of middle weight gain and that is also getting older too yet I think this thyroid business just messed my metabolism up and I need some kind of a jump start.
    Too early to tell as I kind of look forward to going hypothyroid post RAI now and on some thyroid hormone and get on some normal routine again where I can do more exercise than just walking.

    Cannot tolerate heat either and for a while when I was drug induced hypothyroid on Methimazole back when, only time the heat did not affect me. It gets irritating at times, hopefully it will get better.

    Seems some people have better luck than others. I have not as of yet and still hoping for that light at the end of the tunnel here yet you give me lots of hope! Thanks….beach