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    I hear ya Mary! I could get a good rant going myself except I’m mad about something else right now. Graves’ really amplifies the experience of anger.

    First thought, I totally agree with others that you want a second opinion. Your eyes will absolutely get better. It is a serious and complicated business, but there are treatments and surgeries, it might be a couple of years but you will get back to relatively normal eyes. Oh and thyroid surgery absolutely is an option – read Adenure’s recent account. I have the beginnings of TED and have been researching my ass off and learned there’s a lot that can be done and lots of brave people have gone on this path before us. It is not hopeless! Get Elaine Moore’s book Thyroid Eye Disease.

    Other thought, on what do they base your Cushings’ diagnosis? There’s a lot of overlap between it and hyperthyroid w/ weight gain symptoms. I had weight gain with Graves’. 15% of all people with Graves gain weight – that your endo doesn’t know that leads me to even more strongly say second opinion time.