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    You are welcome . I’m just so happy to read about someone else having it !
    I know my docs and the specialist were videoing and taking pictures with their Iphones .The only time mine was itchy was when it first started 2009. It looked like a sunburn and then got itchy .I rarely put the cream on because my legs dont hurt or itch .They are so ugly the rash kind of wraps around the ankle area .It’s finally summer here in Vancouver Canada and it’s really hard to toss away the vanity and bare the lumps and bumps. People have asked me if its cellulite .LOL . I wish . Kind of looks like that ! One thing that does make a difference is soaking in good old fashioned Epsom salts . Who woulda thought ! Lets keep in touch . I would like to swap some pictures of the legs with you If you want to . We could do it through the facilitator too . TC