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    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for reading my posts. The cream is the only thing that has helped me. My Endo is fine with me using it but a couple of his colleagues are concerned at my long term use. Personally for me, I am not going win any “lovely legs” competitions anyhow so the skin thininng isn’t an issue I worry about. Due to the severity of my rash, if I do not apply the cream daily I can feel the redness and swelling coming on. Within 2 hours of feeling the “tingle”, the lumps (I would describe these more as welts) appear, I start scratching or should I say gouging, and then end up with broken skin and bleeding. If I had to choose between using the cream or putting up with the itch; the cream wins hands down. I haven’t heard about any other successful remedies or treatments I can use. What have you, or others used? It does seem to be a very rare side effect/symptom here in Australia and sometimes I feel like a sideshow act as a lot of my Endo’s colleagues have seen it in books or encountered it during their studies but have never actually seen it in real life. I have tried to wean myself off it (using every second or third day), but my body just won’t co-operate.
    Cheers, hugs and kisses