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    Yes, I’d agree that it’s quite the journey. I’m about 7-8 months into it. I’ve already posted my story, but I’m 4 weeks post- op now. Surgery couldn’t have gone better, thanks be to God for that. But, getting hormone levels even isn’t so easy I guess. I had labs done which show a mild hypothyroidism, but normal to high T4. My endo wants me to wait another 3 weeks and have another set of labs (with T3 thank goodness) and then he’ll decide what to do, but he won’t change anything just yet as far as dose or the drug itself. It’s hard to hear, “Wait 3 more weeks” when you have headaches, require Tylenol fairly frequently, and can’t sleep more than 5 hours a night and feel like you’re dragging. BUT, I do know that I could be back in the hyper nightmare, so yes, things could be worse. It’s just hard to be patient and take it a day at a time. Not knowing what the future holds is tough. I’m still not at peace with that I guess. I’m hoping once my hormones are leveled out, I do pretty well and don’t have any more complications from Graves. I hope you do well too!