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    Hello Harpy,

    Thank you for reading me and for your advice. I’m thinking about getting acupuncture to see if I can reduce my stress levels. I don’t feel stress but GD itself is stressful. I have been very stressed in the past (career) and I made changes there to the point that I don’t get stress from that anymore.

    My main problems seem to be allergies. There was a time, before the Celiac diagnosis, that I was always sick of my stomach. I had tones of GI tests done and none would find a problem until finally a Dr., who knew about Celiac, ran the correct tests. It took time to feel a difference but I’m doing good now. My allergies though continue to be a problem. I’m allergic to pollens, mold, dust, smoke, perfumes, etc …… I feel like a should live in a bubble … lol :) This allergies affect my sinuses and ears. I think this might have been a big trigger this spring.

    Yes, you are right. Learning as much as possible is necessary with GD. I’ve been trying to research more about the immune part of it. I found something that talked about T helper 2 cells possible having something to due with GD.

    Have you ever come across anything having to due with yeast allergies. My immunologist that I mentioned above was big on that. He would say that antibiotics intake would of course kill good bacteria and yeast would grow then since the good bacteria would not be there anymore to compete with it. When I was under his care he had me on a yeast free diet and would recommend minimizing sugar which makes yeast grow. He would say that the yeast would affect all organs in our body and that breaking spores would create toxins that were harmful. He passed away though.

    The best with your new diet.

    “I’ts all part of our journey, stand tall, you get the best view that way.” … so true.

    Thank you,
    Caro :)