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    Hello Kimberly and Alexis,

    Alexis, how are you doing?
    I think you are right about immunologists … allergies and asthma.

    The immunologist I saw has passed away but he was really into the immune system and things that destroy it.

    Eating healthy is definitely necessary. In my case, Celiac disease can cause GI cancer if I eat glutens so I just stay away from them. I’ve learned to eat pretty well with it though. There are all kinds of gluten free products now available but if I stick to vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, fish, meat, milk, eggs I’m considered to be gluten free :) I stay away from breads but I make my own bread, pizza, pancakes. I do buy gluten free waffles at the store though. :) When I first started I didn’t have all the choices I have now. Notice that what I eat is practically yeast free as well. When I make my bread I don’t use yeast, I use baking soda.

    The immune system seems to be everything. So many diseases related to immune problems. Lupus for example. They see a Rheumatologist. The Rheumatologist is someone who deals with autoimmune diseases but I wonder if they work with GD patients.

    I think I have read in other posts, don’t know where, that stopping the Rx early decreases remission. The endocrinologist’s goal is to get the #s to normal range but he/she doesn’t worry about the autoimmune part or do they?

    Kimberly, it sure would be nice to have a Dr. who would understand the whole picture and could coordinate treatment accordingly. But I’m thinking if the problem is the immune system, then maybe that is the key. Maybe the Dr. doesn’t need to know all the details of the disease if he/she understands the immune system.

    As for Celiac D., I’ve know people who have it and have all kinds of problems. One lady told me “its like once you get one autoimmune problem, you get a whole bunch of them” :( He daughter suffers from Celiac D. and has several other problems that have recently come up. And now me too … I started with Celiac and now I’m here …

    Kimberly, when you were on the gluten free diet, did you feel better? I certainly do. My stomach used to be such a problem for many years before I went on the diet.

    My hope is that one day we can figure out how to heal the immune system and that way cure/avoid autoimmune diseases. Call me a dreamer but we also dream about a cure for cancer.

    Thank Alexis and Kimberly for your messages :)